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Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Enterprise , Why is it the best solution?

The Alcatel-Lucent Omni PCX Enterprise portfolio addresses the current and future evolutions that are driving the rapidly evolving enterprise communications market today. The OmniPCX Enterprise portfolio has come of age on the following strategic poles of development :

Software suite based on a client server model and totally independent of the type of hardware and network architecture. This software suite is built to operate on industry standard servers that can be connected to the data network. Furthermore, the software suite provides all the necessary communication services for the enterprise :

  • Enterprise telephony raised from long and rich experience acquired from the Alcatel OmniPCX 4400, which includes full mobility services (DECT, PWT, etc.), home-workers …
  • An Integrated Voice Mail solution delivering messages management to users fingertips,
  • PC desktop telephony which eases access to Telephony services and provides
    integration within common business applications (e.g. Lotus Notes, MS Outlook)
  • A Multimedia Contact Center suite providing out of the box solutions for all needs
  • An Advanced Business Communication Suite including Messaging, Softphone, PIM (Directory and Agenda) and Personal Assistant (Call routing) within the enterprise portal
  • Voice-Data network management
  • A rich palette of open interfaces providing third party application development through the Alcatel Application Partner Program (AAPP).

Network architecture allowing:

  • Total connection flexibility for the user, designed to provide multiple ways of connecting internally to the enterprise network and consequently adapting to each users needs :
    - Using traditional fixed telephony wiring
    - Using wireless connectivity
    - Using Ethernet data wiring (IP)
  • Total service transparency whatever the enterprise network configuration: multi-site, home-worker, satisfying employee mobility requirements and the different enterprise topologies encountered.