proffact profile

Proffact is an innovative solution provider initially offering Alcatel Enterprise Communication Solutions, including Alcatel Omni PCX Enterprise, Alcatel Omni PCX Office, call center and other telephony integrated customer applications. The company is dynamic and able to adapt solutions to meet customer requirements; the new products and solutions will be sourced or developed by the company to maximize customer satisfaction.

Proffact was founded in 2005. The members of the team have been actively involved in hi-tech businesses for more than 10 years. The team brings to the table, several professional factors for implementing innovative solutions in hi-tech industries and a developed plan to provide customers with a superior experience.

Vision and Mission

  • To be the innovative solution provider, delivering the highest quality of customer satisfaction.
  • Strengthen intelligence and intangibles: people and working culture, as talents of individuals create efficient and speedy businesses.

Product and Solution Alcatel communication solution core products are Alcatel Omni PCX Enterprise, Alcatel Omni PCX Office and call center. Alcatel’s advantages are its rich features, applications and economic value. Alcatel Omni family of products is the most awarded IP Communication products and solutions in the industry.

We are committed to creating rich innovative communication solutions that truly deliver results, and lead the way to better connect businesses.